Websites for Small Businesses That Think BIG

Are you thinking of taking your small business to the next level? We specialize in building and hosting stunning business sites using low-cost technologies so that your company can start dreaming BIG.

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  • MTA Lodge 88
    This the home of the Maryland Troopers Association, Lodge 88. The MTA is a charitable organization comprised of current and retired Maryland State Troopers. We provided setup and configuration of Wordpress and various plugins, made minor tweaks to an existing theme.
    Our Contributions
    • Website Hosting
    • Wordpress Configuration, Administration, Training
    • Wordpress Theme (Minor tweaks to 'Titan' theme)
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    MTA Lodge 88
  • Flying Tugboat Studios
    Flying Tugboat Studios is the parent of This site feautres a completely custom WordPress theme.
    Our Contributions
    • Website Hosting
    • Wordpress Configuration and Administration
    • Graphics (logo, category icons, background image)
    • Wordpress Theme (Custom Theme)
    • Content Writing
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    Flying Tugboat Studios

Why Choose Flying Tugboat?

You desire honesty

Not all studios are going to tell you what they REALLY think

At Flying Tugboat Studios earning your trust is our first priority. We believe in providing services that you REALLY need, not upselling you on ideas that will only serve to waste your time and money. It is this honesty-first approach that we believe builds meaningful relationships that we all can benefit from. We aren’t selling a canned product, we don’t make impossible guarantees -- we are offering our long-term commitment to making your business successful on the Internet.

You want something designed right

The right design for the right price

Website design isn’t really about making websites pretty or adding the latest gadget or doodad. The most important thing about a commercial website is whatever makes it profitable. That is our focus – doing whatever is needed to convert anonymous internet users into your new customers.

You want a partner to grow with

Because starting small and thinking big is the way to go

On the ever-changing Internet, all websites need to constantly grow and adapt to the changing needs of your customers. We are committed to building and supporting sites that start small and grow over time. Many clients appreciate this ongoing relationship -- the ability to follow up, get website maintenance, plan future expansion strategies, or just kick ideas around. We’re here to listen and help, so give us a shout!

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